Desexing Surgery

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Dog and cat desexings are the most commonly performed surgery in our practice and are scheduled each weekday.  Desexing surgeries are a day procedure - your puppy or kitten is typically admitted to the hospital between 8am and 9am and then discharged later in the day (typically after 3 or 4pm) after they have recovered fully from anaesthetic. 

What is a spey?

A spey is the desexing surgery performed on a female dog or cat.  The proper term for this procedure is an ovariohysterectomy, wherein the reproductive organs are removed via a small abdominal incision.  The desesexing surgery for males is called a castration.

How old should my pet be for desexing?

Normally we perform this surgery around 6 months of age. 

Will my pet be painful afterwards?

Rest assured that your pet is given high levels of pain relief for this procedure and that their comfort levels are monitored while they are in hospital.  Most animals are back to normal the day or two after the desexing surgery. 

How long should my pet be rested?

The surgical site normally heals over about two to three weeks.  If skin sutures are placed, these are removed at about 14 days after surgery.  We advise that your pet is rested from boisterous activity until the skin sutures are removed.  We will provide a full handout on your pet's postoperative care after desexing surgery.

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