Opthalmology / Eyes

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Lilydale - Yarra Ranges Animal Hospital
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VIC 3140

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03 9739 5244

Yarra Glen - Yarra Ranges Animal Hospital
28 Bell St
Yarra Glen
VIC 3775

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03 9730 1569

Horses are very reliant upon their vision, especially when out riding and competing. Thus when dealing with ocular injuries and diseases in horses it is far better to treat eye diseases quickly and effectively rather than delay treatment. If you believe your horse has an eye problem ensure to contact a veterinarian sooner rather than later. Many eye diseases or traumas can quickly become severe and may lead to detrimental outcomes.

There are many causes of eye disease such as trauma, infection, allergies or neoplasia. As veterinarians we examine your horse to find best treatment options for your horse to achieve best possible recovery.

See our handout on Equine Ocular Diseases for more information