Foal Care & Management

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Foal Management

The first hours and days of a foal's life is very crucial to prepare them for the rest of their lives. If you believe your newborn foal is having any problems, ensure you contact your vet ASAP. Once breathing is achieved and the foal can stand up, the next vital step is suckling from the mare.  

Foals are born agammaglobulinaemic - that is with NO transfer of immunity across the placent and are therefore dependent on colostrum for all of their immunity in the first few weeks of life. Foals should have their first drink from the mare within 2 hours. If this fails, perhaps due to a difficult birthing causing the first drink to be delayed, inadequate milk let down by the mare or other causes, they will have a compromised immune system which can be fatal if they contract disease.
To ensure your  foal has adequate transfer of immunity  an IgG test should be performed. Our vets can come out to you, collect some blood and perform the test in our clinic with same day results. If the IgG shows to be inadequate your foal may need a plasma transfusion to recieve the immunoglobulins needed to build an immunity. Once a transufion has been performed, the IgG test should be performed again to ensure that the immunity levels are adequate.

If you have any concerns about your foal, don't hesitate to call us. We help with all sorts of foal related topics including other diseases, vaccinations, worming and later on weaning advice and geldings.